Together, we create customized solutions so you get optimal results from your media investments.
Make the most of your investments.

Media investments are similar to financial ones: the best interest lies in it's ability to enrich your portfolio, maximize your market share, generate sales or expand your client base.

PROJETDEKIP is first and foremost an independent media consulting service, unrelated to major networks which allows us to guide you in a completely unbiased manner with the sole goal of maximizing your performance.

PROJETDEKIP is more than...
marketing projects
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in media investments.
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Limitless solutions, optimized performance.
A one-stop shop for all your needs with our turn-key solutions.
Every day, your consumers
are exposed to 30,000 marketing stimuli1.
The challenge is for your brand to stand out.
Source: BERAHYA-LAZARUS, Mathieu, « Mesurer l’engagement, nouvel enjeu du marketing », Stratégies Magazine no 1728, June 20, 2013.